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14th October 2021

11:17am: GO 2 AICTIC!!
Ok just a little post here, just in case anyone wants to go over to my actual graphic journal. here it is: aictic. That's where all of my stuff will be, and there is some new things there too. <3
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4th July 2015

4:23pm: Stickage, always on top ^,^
[All right this will be my ever so important post. Therefore it will always be on top, above all the others.]

Welcome to Killjoy_Jane; graphics made by Jane! All the grapics you see will be made by me and only me. =) I do like friends, and comments, I know everyone does. But if you do like my work, comment! Or if you take any of them, comment. Thanks I hope you like what you see there!

Rules: (only a few)
-- If you like my work comment.
-- If you take any of my work, C R E D I T. Please credit it's not hard you know.
-- Please don't use my icons for anything other then Live Journal, like xanga for example.

[x]Awards [I cross my fingers for them]
[x]ONE TREE HILL Petition, Sign it and I will LOVE YOU forever!
[x]Suggestions for my work

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17th August 2006

10:49pm: gone for a while

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Hiatus! I know I haven't posted in a long time anyway, but i am making it offical. Real life got in my way, I was deciding on college and everything. So I will not be making graphics until September. I will be geting my paid account renewed and hopefully I will start cranking some things out. I don't know it just wasn't fun for me any more. I promise to start working on it.

Until then.


P.S. Most of the older posts with graphics in them have been made "friends only" if you like what you see on the current post you should friend me! Promise lovely graphics coming soon!
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16th May 2006

7:41pm: Tutorial 02 – Veronica Mars
This is my second tutorial, I hope I explained everything throughly. Have fun with it! =)

The coloring it seems is only for some people. I've had mixed reviews, I love it, but when it was in a contest it did'nt go over so well. The program I use is Photoshop 7 <3

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8th May 2006

1:19am: Update + Promotion
Ok well I am here to update, I hope I will have some icons for everyone soon. I am still working on my HSM batch, I'm hoping for it to be bigger then I what my goal is which is 50 icons. Also I am close on finishing some lyric/text icons.

In the meantime, if you are an icon maker please join this community:

It's just a community to post your icons about anything. It doesn't matter you skill level either. =) I do hope to see you there! Now I must go back to iconing, tomorrow will be a busy day.

Visit these places too:

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28th April 2006

11:11pm: Promotion (in a way)
When I am not icon making you can find me at these two places. depp_contest and rickman_stills I am a banner maker at both communities. Also I just wanted everyone to know that I won the May Header Challenge over at birthday_celebs (it's the layout for May) so pop over there and check it out. Plus here is my super cool award for winning:

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13th March 2006

6:26pm: Icon Alphabet Challenge; Spike from BTVS/ATS [completed]
This is my Complete Set for my challenge at icon_alphabet. These Icons are of Spike AKA William the Bloody from BTVS/ATS. I hope you like them, I know I do, but then again I am a HUGE James Marsters fan! ^___^

Follow me for Spikey goodness! Yum =)Collapse )

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8th March 2006

7:56pm: Suggestion Box
Ok here I will take suggestions on which celebrities, movies or television shows I should make icons, wallpapers or headers out of. I am still learning with wallpapers, but I'm sure they will be fun. So please give me some of your favorites and I'll make sure to do a few, but please remember just because you suggest it doesn't mean I will do them.


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9th February 2006

8:20pm: zefron_hush; update; & award!
I am working on a new batch of icons, so don't worry everyone! I will try to get them out as fast as I can. BUT! I did happen to make another community, yes I know with 50 billion of them out there why would I make a new one? Well to tell you the truth, I adore Zac Efron, I mean who doesn't? And this new community is all about Zac!
It's called zefron_hush, and it's a textless icon
challenge. It will go on every week, hopefully, and there will be
banners for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place, and most likely a MOD's choice
placing, which will be picked by yours truly. And if you are intrested,
please go sign-up I only have 5 members total right now, I'd like some more. <3

OH! I got my very 1st award today! Look under the cut to see!

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4th February 2006

11:24pm: Tutorial 01 - HSM
My first tutorial and it was suggested that I do it by: jade548_. This tutorial is for the coloring of the majority of my High School Musical icons. It will be done in 15 of steps, I know I lot but I want to be thorough. But I did recreate an icon for show purposes. The program I use it Photoshop 7. Oh if you like what you see, you should friend me, I'll friend you back of course. <3

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3rd February 2006

10:10pm: HSM_LIMS
I just started this new community called HSM_LIMS. And for those of you who don't know what that is its a High School Musical Last Icon Maker Standing community. It's like one big contest and will go on for several weeks, depending on how many people we have, which I hope will be a lot. So if you are an Icon maker, beginners are very welcome, and LOVE High School Musical come on over and give it it a chance. If you have questions feel free to post here. [to this post]

hsm_lims << click here to join, look at rules of the community etc.

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